The ways in which mankind leaves the mark of his transit or presence in the environment are innumerable.
Sounds, fragrances, ideas, buildings created to be temporary but that have been transforming into lasting signs of his thought, his concept of the world, his relationship with the nature and the unknown, that frightened him but that he greatly respects.

MASSERIA SAN MAGNO is situated in the Alta Murgia territory, which is a land very suitable for agriculture.
The man has identified this land as the best place in which to live every moment of his days; and his presence is testified by a recently discovered necropolis with tumulus tombs, a certain sign of human presence between the VII and the VI centuries B.C.

Masseria San Magno was born in a place full of history and it is engaged to enrich its territory with the genuine taste of its wines, indisputable sign of its love for people and for earth that is cultivated every day with passion and dedication.