Extra virgin olive oil

Both secular and young, the MASSERIA SAN MAGNO olive trees are strong, sturdy and long-lived, and set in fields made of silence, drought, loneliness, sun and stones. These olive trees, mainly of the “Coratina” cultivar, live in a weather without climate changes and are ‘well planted’ in a clay and calcareous soil. The fruits that they annually offer, during ripening, get depleted of water, sugar and acids and so rich in oil.

Olives cold pressing, in reliable and ancient mills, guarantees MASSERIA SAN MAGNO extra virgin olive oil all the features of the excellent product that come from the Alta Murgia olives.

MASSERIA SAN MAGNO extra virgin olive oil is gold-colored with green nuances, with a slightly spicy aftertaste, a low level of free acidity and high vitamin content. A product of sublime quality and undisputed nutritional properties, a fundamental ingredient of a proper, healthy diet.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil Data Sheet
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